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April 2022 • CEC EXPOFORUM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Ecology is paramount

Large retail chains in Russia, following small zero waste stores, are concerned about the environment
Ecology is paramount
European chain stores have long offered customers to pack their goods in the containers they brought themselves, use reusable bags for fruits and vegetables, collect and hand in plastic containers for recycling. In St. Petersburg, these trends are only emerging, and environmental promotions are sometimes used by retailers as a tool to promote their distribution network and attract new customers.
The experts of the International consulting company KPMG in the Retail Trends 2019 study note that adherence to the principles of respect for the environment is one of the main directions of retail development. Consumers more often choose retail chains that put forward their own environmental initiatives and confirm with their deeds. For example, in Holland, the EkopPlaza supermarket completely abandoned plastic; all product here are packaged in biodegradable materials. In the Czech networks DM and Rossmann in 2019 started selling shampoos and shower gels in bottling through special devices.
St. Petersburg retailers are still far from western colleagues. In the city of the Neva, stores of goods without packing are just beginning to appear, among them B12, No plastic its fantastic, Krupa and Avos'ku — there are only about 10 retail outlets.
Small business doesn't stand aside from green trends. The St. Petersburg company Zeero launched the production of eco-bags, and in the city on the Neva River, pandomats for collecting plastic and aluminum cans were developed, which are already installed in retail outlets in many cities of Russia.
Caring for the environment is a trend that is only emerging in Russian retail.